Sunday, March 1, 2009

25 random thoughts

1. I am so happy to be a Muslim, Alhamdulillah(Thank God)
2. Althought I am overwhelmed at the awesome responsibility at times, I love my 3 boys.
3. My husband is the best partner for me in this world - I could never have imagined how much I could love him.
4. Facebook is so good for keeping in touch with old and new friends.
5. Facebook is also a great time waster!
6. I should be doing something else right now, in fact.
7. My baby sister has grown into an amazing woman, whom I admire and respect more and more all the time.
8. I love to sew, and feel like it makes me closer to my dear mother, who passed so many years ago.
9. I can never find enough time to keep up with my hobbies and reading.
10. I love public libraries -whether its quiet time for myself in there rummaging through random books (a rarity these days) or storytime with the kiddos!
11. My husband is from Morocco, and I can't wait to live there some day.
12. Why do I have such huge children? . . . hmmmm.
13. I wish more Muslim women would breastfeed through 2 years. Hope I can help some of them to meet that goal.
14. I am a hippie under my hijab!
15. I am so blessed to be a full-time mother and CEO of my family. :)
16. Allah has sent me such wonderful friends! Alhamdulillah.
17. I want to create a perfect cloth diaper . . .working on the pattern in my head day and night these days.
18. I hope to instill healthy eating habits in my kids for life.
19. Homeschooling is a hard and overwhelming task - and my kid's only in Kindegarden! HAHA!
20. May Allah help me to be a good mother, and make my children of His righteous servants. AMEEN!!!
21. May He help all of the Muslims all over the world - AMEEN!!!
22. So tired of cleaning up potty accidents. . . ugh!
23. Isn't there anything I can do to make there be more hours in the day?
24. I love the 2 hours I have to myself and with hubby after the kids go to bed! I wouldn't trade it for sleeping in in the morning - ever!
25. I love the tiny house we are living in - especially my garden in the back - and will have trouble leaving it when we move this summer. :(