Monday, May 4, 2009


Masha'Allah! This is a project authored by a dear sister I have known for some time. May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala reward her abundantly! Below is a letter from her explaining the project. Contact me if you would like more information, insha'Allah!

Surah: Al-Fatiha

بسم الله الرّحمن الرّحيم

In the Name of Allah the Beneficent, the

يَا أَيُّهَا النَّبِيُّ قُلْ لأَزْوَاجِكَ وَبَنَاتِكَ وَنِسَاءِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ
يُدْنِينَ عَلَيْهِنَّ مِنْ جَلابِيبِهِنَّ ذَلِكَ أَدْنَى أَنْ يُعْرَفْنَ فَلا
يُؤْذَيْنَ وَكَانَ اللَّهُ غَفُوراً رَحِيماً

O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks all over their bodies. That will be better, that they should be known so as not to be annoyed. And Allaah is Ever Oft‑Forgiving, Most Merciful [Quran, Surat al-Ahzaab 33:59]

A wonderful group of sisters from the Middle East have decided to give every Muslimah they possibly can a new abaya for free. May Allah grant them Jennatul Firdous, Ameen! I personally know the sister who organized it, and she told me to mention to all the sisters that your financial position doesn't matter. Rich or poor, you can still benefit from this opportunity, especially our new convert/revert sisters and sisters who live in places where Abayat are hard to find.

All abayat are brand new, black, and simple/plain (no designs at ALL). Don't let your size discourage you from ordering. We have up to XXXL sizes and if you're petite, we can send you the smallest size available & you can go to a seamstress to sew it to your size.

Al7amdulillah - the sisters have collected money to help cover the shipping/handling costs in order to ship the abayat to sisters. However, these funds are quite limited. Therefore, we humbly request that anyone who can afford to cover the cost of shipping kindly do so. This will enable other sisters, who can't financially afford it, to receive a free abaya as well.

If you're interested in receiving a free abaya, please comment here or contact me. (I'll also give you her private email through PM to be able to contact her directly):



-Desired Abaya Size (measure your bust/hip/height) -- the best thing would be to send your exact measurements, rather than small, medium, or large

-Also, indicate if you'll pay for the shipping costs

-OPTIONAL: Let us know about yourself! How you heard about us? Languages you know? Wear hijab? Niqab? Khimar? Marital situation? Mommy? New to Islam? This will enable us to send you extra items if they're available (books about Islam, marriage in Islam, hijabs, niqabs, etc.) This info is optional! You do NOT have to include it to get a free abaya.

--Please supply your email address so I can directly contact you Inshallah (this makes it a lot easier on everyone!)

All we ask is two things. First, that you make dua for us. Second, if you benefit from this please email us so we can keep going. Your words & encouragement let us know to continue this project. If we don't get any replies or benefits, then we'll try to find something else to do for the sake of Allah that will help our sisters.


The Fine Print:

*We ask that you do NOT order these abayat for a profit! Fear Allah! If you are going to sell these abayas, please do NOT order because we do NOT approve this. Of course we can't track who does this
but Allah is Al-Baseer (The One who sees everything) & His punishment is worse than anything we can do so please fear Allah and do NOT abuse these sister's kindness!

*If you decide to pay shipping, this will be done by reimbursing us with a cashier's check, money order, or cash for the amount of $12 (twelve dollars) AFTER you have received the abaya.

* Right now we are only able to ship to North America but if you are anywhere else in
the world, reply back & we'll see what we can do.

*We accept no returns! If the abaya doesnt fit you, pass it along to a sister whom it does.

***Last note*** This started as a small project with 5 extra Abayat to be donated. Alhamdulillah, 30 new abayat have been made and delivered around the US so far. Inshallah with more of a demand, the project will grow and many more Abayat will be given for free! So please send your requests, and we will do our best to meet the demand!

Let's help our fellow sisters in Islam dress appropriately! Spread this message!

Jazaki Allah Kheir everyone!
Peace :)